8 Writing Tips in 8 Minutes: Bitsy’s tips for the newbie picture book writer

Thinking of writing a children’s book? Have you written one but not sure what to do with it? Well a-looky here, I’ve got some slick tips for you, dear beginner. It’ll be the best eight minutes of your day! (Unless you won the lottery, in which case may I say how beautiful you look today?)

Feel free to share the video on your own blog or website. Just please give a link back to me here, okay? Thanks, doll.

If you have tips or tricks that you’d like to share with fellow newbies, please let me know! You may be featured in a future video 🙂


12 thoughts on “8 Writing Tips in 8 Minutes: Bitsy’s tips for the newbie picture book writer

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  3. Reblogged this on Bitsy Kemper and commented:

    As I’m headed to the (inter)national children’s book conference with SCBWI, I’ve had a few beginner questions about how to get started. Hopefully this video is as helpful now as it was when I first posted it.


  4. Thanks for sharing this video. I loved it. Your tips were true and honest. Great job with the video. I hope to see more. In fact, I am sharing it with writing friends on my Picture Book Writers and Illustrators page. Great to see that you are coming to Sacramento. 🙂


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